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Jukka Kopra

Jukka Kopra

Current Member of Parliament

Parliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party

Member of Parliament   20.04.2011–


09 432 3082



Home page:

Profession / Title:

Entrepreneur, MSE

Electoral district:

Electoral District of Southeast Finland 22.04.2015–

Present memberships in committees:

Chancellery Commission (member) 02.05.2019–
Finance Committee (deputy member) 18.06.2019–
Subcommittee for Administration and Security (member) 06.09.2019–
Housing and Environment Subcommittee (additional member) 06.09.2019–
Transport and Communications Committee (deputy member) 18.06.2019–
Defence Committee (member) 18.06.2019–
Auditors of the Bank of Finland (member) 18.06.2019–

Position in the parliamentary group:

  • Parliamentary Group of the National Coalition Party (2nd vice chair) 18.04.2019–