Parliament's office in Brussels

In matters concerning the European Union Parliament is assisted by its office in Brussels. Parliament's expert in Brussels is part of Parliament's EU Secretariat.

Brussels office assists Parliament

Parliament's expert in Brussels strives to monitor EU legislative initiatives beginning at the earliest possible stage and thus facilitate the scheduling of work in Parliament. In addition to Commission initiatives the expert also focuses on following the European Parliament's activities.

The expert in Brussels provides information on current EU matters via Twitter. The Brussels office also sends timely information and documents to Parliament. Of special note in this respect work are reports and summaries that are drafted to keep MPs and civil servants up to date. Reports explain the background and reasoning behind specific issues.

The expert also assists MPs who travel to Brussels and makes arrangements for their visits. The expert helps MPs take care of official duties and if necessary serves as secretary for a parliamentary delegation.

In recent years national parliaments have considerably strengthened their presence in Brussels. They have also found new ways to work together with the European Parliament, for instance in the form of joint meetings on timely issues in Brussels. A key part of the expert's task is to participate in preparing joint meetings.

Parliament's office in Brussels is an important link in the exchange of information among European parliaments.

Cooperation with MEPs

The Brussels office keeps in close touch with Finnish Members of the European Parliament and supplies them with reports and other materials that it has prepared.

According to established procedure, the members of the Grand Committee meet Finnish MEPs at semi-annual seminars that examine timely issues. The Brussels office is actively involved in arranging these seminars.