Government Submissions

The Government submits reports, accounts, statements, communications and Prime Minister's announcements to Parliament. Prime Minister's announcements, reports and communications are means by which the Government can bring matters to Parliament's attention.

Reports and communications

According to section 46 of the Constitution, the Government must submit an annual report to Parliament on its activities and on the measures taken in response to parliamentary decisions as well as an annual report on the management of central government finances and compliance with the Budget. This report is considered in committee and then in plenary session.

The Government also submits communications to Parliament on ministers' outside interests. Communications are presented in plenary session. Parliament does not make decisions on a communication, but Members may express their views on the matter.

Reports, statements and announcements

The Government may submit to Parliament a report or statement on a timely matter or a significant development project being prepared by the Government. Government reports and statements are debated in plenary session. When a government report is discussed, confidence in the Government is not weighed.

When a government statement is discussed, a motion of censure may be made. The consideration of a statement usually ends in a vote to determine whether the Government enjoys Parliament's confidence. A statement may also be discussed by the committees before a vote is held.

The purpose of a Prime Minister's announcement is to bring up a subject for debate in Parliament. Decisions are not made at this time.