​Electronic information resources

The Library of Parliament provides its customers with access to a range of electronic information resources, along with reference and full text databases. E-books, e-journals and articles can be searched for through the SE​LMA datab​ase​​. Most of the resources have open access. Public-access electronic resources in the fields of legal, social and political and parliamentary information are held on the respective subject pages on our website.

Restricted-access electronic resources are presented in the list below. These resources can only be accessed via the customer computers of the Library of Parliament and through Parliament’s local area network.

Links to electronic resources and online information sources are also provided on the Library’s website under Resources in the respective information packages.​

Electronic resources on the library’s customer computers and in Parliament’s local area network 

Ammattikirjasto. Electronic versions of Kauppakamari’s published printed books.
Ammattikirjasto – User rights (in Finnish)

EBSCO. Journal database containing full text articles and article references from thousands of journals in English and other languages in different fields. EBSCO – User rights

EDILEX. Information on Finnish legislation, treaties, EU legislation and case law. EDILEX – User rights (in Finnish)

Elektra. Articles of Finnish scientific journals in electronic form. Elektra – User rights (in Finnish)

Ellibs Library. Library Lending system for e-books in the Library of Parliament. E-books can be browsed from the SELMA database​. Loaning needs Parliament's local area network, Ellibs username and Adobe Digital Editions.

Encyclopedia Britannica online. Extensive multidisciplinary and up-to-date encyclopedia. Encyclopedia Britannica online – User rights (in Finnish)

ePress. The service includes collection of domestic newspapers. ePress – User rights (in Finnish)

Finlands lag. Up-to-date Statutes of Finland books in Swedish; part of the Suomenlaki.com service. Finlands lag – User rights (in Finnish)

JUNO. Swedish legislation and related commentaries, case law, Government bills and other preparatory material as well as decisions issued by the Swedish Ombudsman and Chancellor of Justice.JUNO – User rights (in Swedish). Database available only on the library’s customer computers, not in Parliament's local area network.

MEDIEARKIVET. Swedish newspaper and magazine database that contains full-text articles.

MOT-dictionaries. Extensive collection of standard, technical and commerce dictionaries and including Oxford Dictionary of English. Also dictionaries of various special fields. Multilingual. More modern version of the service sanakirja.fi. MOT-dictionaries – User rights (in Finnish)

National Biography. Collection of brief biographies of important figures in Finnish history. National Biography – User rights (in Finnish)

Nationalencyclopedin. Swedish encyclopedia. Nationalencyclopedin – User rights (in Finnish)

OECD iLibrary. OECD publications in full text. Also includes periodicals and statistical databases. OECD iLibrary – User rights (in Finnish)

PressReader. The service includes collection of domestic and foreign newspapers. PressReader – User rights (in Finnish)

Sanakirja.fi Includes standard and special dictionaries of MOT-service.

Suomen Laki. Up-to-date Statutes of Finland books in Finnish and Swedish, Government bills, case law and tax treaties. Suomen Laki – User rights (in Finnish)

Suomen valtiokalenteri. Finnish state's calendar. Suomen valtiokalenteri – User rights (in Finnish)

Verkkokirjahylly. Electronic versions of Alma Talent Pro’s published printed books. Verkkokirjahylly – User rights (in Finnish)

Electronic information resources in the library’s Information Service

In addition, the library's Information Service provides access to the following databases, which are subject to a charge according to the price list of library services.

ArtikelSök. References to articles in Swedish journals, magazines and newspapers.

Eutori. Information system for preparing, receiving, registering and handling of national EU documents.

Juris. Database of German legal resources comprising current legislation, case law and references to legal literature.

LOVDATA. Norwegian legislation, treaties, parliamentary documents, case law, legal literature and EEA regulations.

RÄTTSBANKEN. Swedish legislation, treaties, parliamentary documents, case law, official decisions and literature in the fields of administration and law.