​A new library system for the Library of Parliament

The library system of the Library of Parliament has changed in July 2020. The new system will enable, among other things, the development of e-library services.

​The new library system will change some practices in the use of Selma search service

  • Logging in to the system is based on an email address. When logging in, the system sends a link to access the service as an email. Passwords or PIN-codes are not used any more.

  • If your e-mail address has changed, please notify the library at library.service@parliament.fi

​New features and policies on a library system include following

  • Our loan renewal policies will change. If there are no requests for the item, the loan may be renewed as many times as necessary during one year period.

  • In case the loan is more than 14 days overdue, the system will block the user until the loan is returned to the library.

  • Item requests from the old library system will be transferred to the new system by early August.

  • In a new system there is only one request type, which applies both for items on loan as well as on items available in closed stacks. Therefore, a separate request type for items on closed stacks is no more required.

  • In the new system, the user may receive new types of messages from the library via e-mail, eg. return receipt and request cancellation notice.

We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may cause to our users.

Library of Parliament, Tel. +358 9 432 3423, email library@parliament.fi

Library´s information service stays at service from Monday to Friday at 9–15. Tel. +358 9 432 3432, email library.informationservice@parliament.fi

Updated 31.7.2020