Management of the Library of Parliament

The Library of Parliament is managed by Antti Virrankoski, Director of the Library of Parliament.

The library’s areas of expertise are legal, social and political as well as Parliamentary information. Chief Information Specialists are in charge of developing the areas of expertise, among other things. (Library of Parliament Rules of Procedure, section 3)

In addition to the Director of the Library of Parliament and Chief Information Specialists, the library’s management includes Heads of Services as well as a Chief Archivist.

In addition, the library has a Board appointed by Parliament. The Board’s duties include managing the key issues related to the operations and development of the library as well as providing an annual account on the operations of the library to Parliament. (Library of Parliament Rules of Procedure, section 9)

​Contact information of library management

Virrankoski Antti, Director of the Library, tel. 09 432 3401, 050 574 1251

Bergström Erika, Deputy Director, Chief Information Specialist, Legal information, tel. 09 432 3402, 040 769 8264

Hakala Kristiina, Chief Information Specialist, Parliamentary information, tel. 09 432 3471, 050 364 4915

Turja Timo, Chief Information Specialist, Social and political information, tel. 09 432 3403, 050 364 4911

Karhula Päivikki, Chief Information Specialist, Electronic resources, tel. 09 432 3485, 050 574 1345

Mäkelä Kaarlo, Head of Collection Services, Deputy Director, tel. 09 432 3475, 050 341 6152

Suutari Jari, Chief Archivist, tel. 09 432 3460, 050 357 7198

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