WLAN in Parliament's facilities

Parliament has a wireless local area network (WLAN) that is also intended for the use of journalists working in Parliament's facilities.

The user ID is (permanent): vierailija

The password that is needed to use the network is changed monthly. The password can be obtained from the Parliament Information Office or during a plenary session from the person on duty.

The wireless network covers the entire Parliament Building complex. There may be some zones where connections do not work satisfactorily, however. Furthermore, performance near an individual base station may weaken if many computers access the network at the same time.

Feedback from users is important to ensure that the network provides satisfactory service. Any problems in the coverage or performance of the wireless network can be reported to the Parliament Information Office information(at)parliament.fi, which will pass on information to computer support.

Data traffic on the wireless network for visitors is not encrypted. Technically it is possible that a user on the network can scan other users' data traffic on the network. Users must therefore take care of their own data security.

The Data administration / Management Office is not responsible for the functioning of the wireless network or related data security on visitors' computers.