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Handling of the budget for 2022 begins in a preliminary debate

Published 9/28/2021 12:00 PM
Budget proposal books in the Plenary Hall

Handling of the budget for 2022 begins in a preliminary debate

​​The Government has submitted its proposal for 2022 state budget to Parliament. The budget estimates central government revenues and expenditure for the coming year. In the budget proposal, the appropriations proposed amount to €64.8 billion while revenue is estimated at €57.9 billion and deficit at €6.9 billion.

Consideration of the draft budget begins with a preliminary debate in plenary session today. It is one of the most important debates of the year. Minister of Finance generally takes the floor first and outlines the budget. At the end of the preliminary debate the draft budget is referred to the Finance Committee.

The draft budget is considered largely in the same manner as other government proposals, but there are some special features of the way in which deliberations are conducted by the committees and in plenary session.

The plenary session holds a general debate on each main title in the budget, and every motion for changes is put to a vote. Once Parliament has approved the budget, it is printed and published in the Statute Book of Finland. The budget is then ready for implementation.

Ministry of Finance's Budget Review 2022 

How the budget is approved