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Presidium of the Nordic Council: A clear need for closer Nordic parliamentary co-operation in EU affairs

Published 4/26/2021 12:00 PM
Flag of the Nordic Council

Presidium of the Nordic Council: A clear need for closer Nordic parliamentary co-operation in EU affairs

​​​The members of the Presidium of the Nordic Council will meet the Nordic EU Committees in a virtual meeting on 26 April. The aim of the meeting is to discuss Nordic parliamentary co-operation in EU affairs, to discuss strengthening co-operation between EU committees and the Nordic Council, and to ensure that the treatment of EU affairs in the Nordic Council is in line with national priorities. The meeting will also discuss, among other things, the reform of the EU's Arctic policy. A particularly topical issue is EU cooperation in the context of the corona pandemic.

The chairman of the Finnish delegation to the Nordic Council Erkki Tuomioja (Social Democratic Parliamentary Group) considers the meeting a good idea: “The Nordic Council wants to enhance Nordic parliamentary co-operation on EU matters. Parliaments have a strong role in Nordic EU policy, and Nordic parliamentary influence is most effective through closer co-operation. There are many questions and issues where Nordic influence is needed."

Merja Kyllönen (Left Alliance Parliamentary Group), a member of the Grand Committee attending the meeting from Finland, shares Tuomioja's view: “Cooperation between the Nordic Council and the EU committees of the national parliaments has received too little attention. I think it is a natural forum for a more general exchange of ideas on the common denominators and differences in national EU policies. Nordic parliamentary co-operation is complementary to co-operation and dialogue between Member States at EU level and I therefore consider it a valuable addition to the national debate." MPs Jouni Ovaska (Centre Party Parliamentary Group) and Wille Rydman (The National Coalition Party Parliamentary Group) will also take part in Monday's meeting.

The Nordic Council is the official body for formal inter-parliamentary co-operation. Formed in 1952, it has 87 members from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland. In the Nordic Council meetings, Nordic politicians make decisions on issues that they call on the Nordic governments to implement. Finland joined the organisation in 1955. 18 Finnish MPs are members of the Nordic Council which has also two representatives from Åland. The members of the Finnish delegation to the Nordic Council participate in the work of the Nordic Council's Committees and Presidium throughout the year.

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