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The handling of EU’s recovery package in the Finnish Parliament

Published 9/10/2020 1:55 PM
Modified 9/10/2020 2:50 PM

The handling of EU’s recovery package in the Finnish Parliament

​​​The European Council reached an agreement on the EU recovery package on 21 July. EU’s recovery package includes the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for 2021-27 and a recovery instrument called Next Generation EU or NGEU. The overall amount of commitments to the seven-year Financial Framework is EUR 1,074 billion. The total amount of the non-recurrent recovery instrument will be EUR 750 billion. EUR 360 billion of this will consist of loans and EUR 390 billion will be issued in the form of grants. The recovery instrument will remain in force until 2023. 

Based on government communications, Parliamentary committees discussed the Finnish position on the recovery package before the European Council meeting. The Grand Committee formulated the Finnish position in the different phases of the negotiations. Before adopting the final position on 16 July, the Grand Committee received statements from the Constitutional Law Committee and Financial Committee.

What next?


Parliamentary committees continue to handle proposals for EU regulations based on government communications in advance of meetings of the Council and its working groups, until the Council of the European Union, European Parliament and European Commission have finalised the legislation in tripartite negotiations. The role of the sector committees is to provide contributions relating to their areas of competence to the Grand Committee, which formulates the Finnish position. 

Once adopted, EU regulations will regulate the practical implication of the EU recovery package also on a national level. 

Plenary sessions

Prime Minister Sanna Marin made an announcement to Parliament on the Multiannual Financial Framework and Next Generation EU recovery instrument in plenary session on 9 September. Prime Minister’s announcements are not sent to committee for consideration nor do they lead to any decision. 

In the Grand Committee on the same day, Prime Minister Marin said that a government report on the national recovery plan will be submitted to the Parliament. The national plan will guide the use of European recovery funds in Finland. 

The decision on the system of own resources must be ratified by the Parliament and will be handled in a plenary session as a government bill in due time.​

Parliament and the EU

The Finnish Parliament plays a strong role in decision-making on EU matters, compared to many other member states. Parliament decides what position Finland should take in EU decision-making on matters that fall within Parliament's competence.