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The plenary debate on the decision on EU's own resources began

Published 2/12/2021 1:00 PM

The plenary debate on the decision on EU's own resources began

​Parliament began consideration of the Government's proposal to approve the decision on EU's own resources in plenary on 10 February. The Government proposes that Parliament would approve the decision.

The decision taken by the EU Council must be approved separately in all member states. In Finland, the decision to approve is made by Parliament in plenary.

The debate in the plenary session focused on the financing of the EU recovery instrument, Next Generation EU, included in the decision on own resources and the impact of the solution on Finland. There was also a discussion on the EU's new own resources, the impact of Brexit in the financial framework and the general direction of EU development.

The Government's position was presented to the Parliament by Minister of Finance Matti Vanhanen, who justified Finland's participation in the joint recovery instrument of the EU with the general benefits of Finland's EU membership and the benefits of coordinated economic stimulus.

The economic impact on Finland will be stronger the faster and better Europe, the main market for our exports, recovers, Vanhanen said.

MPs of opposition groups criticised the government's actions in the negotiations and the outcome of the negotiations. The criticism focused, for example, on the size of Finland's contribution, the share of financing Finland is expected to receive as well as the terms of financing. There was also disagreement between the government and opposition groups over the one-off nature and precise boundaries of the stimulus package. In addition, there was a debate on the future direction of the EU: several comments by opposition representatives assessed that the EU was evolving towards a federal debt union, which also has the right to tax.

Parliament has regularly discussed the EU's financial framework and recovery instrument

Parliamentary committees have been discussing the EU financial framework for 2021–27 regularly since 2018. Discussions on the EU's recovery instrument began in Parliament in June 2020. Parliament's position on the negotiations in the EU has been decided by the Grand Committee.

The approval of the decision on EU’s own resources is now continuing in the parliamentary committees. The Finance Committee will prepare a report on the matter after receiving statements from the Commerce Committee and the Constitutional Law Committee.

The Constitutional Law Committee assesses whether a decision is taken in plenary by a majority of votes or whether a 2/3 majority of the votes cast is required for a decision.