Eduskunta, the Parliament of Finland

The supreme decision-making authority in Finland is exercised by Parliament. Parliament enacts legislation, approves the state budget, ratifies international treaties and oversees the Government.

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A New MP Veronica Rehn-Kivi Started Her Work https://www.parliament.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/A-New-Member-of-Parliament-Veronica-Rehn-Kivi-Started-Her-Work.aspxA New MP Veronica Rehn-Kivi Started Her Work 2016-08-09T12:20:00Z
Parliament discussed Brexithttps://www.parliament.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/Brexit-on-Friday.aspxParliament discussed Brexit2016-07-01T10:00:00Z
Speaker’s condolences to Turkey https://www.parliament.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/Condolences-to-Turkey.aspxSpeaker’s condolences to Turkey 2016-06-29T13:05:00Z
Parliament to Convene on Friday to Discuss Brexithttps://www.parliament.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/Parliament-to-Convene-on-Friday-to-Discuss-Brexit.aspxParliament to Convene on Friday to Discuss Brexit2016-06-27T08:35:00Z
Parliament in Recesshttps://www.parliament.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/Summer-Recess-2016.aspxParliament in Recess2016-06-23T08:00:00Z
Arto Satonen elected as Deputy Speakerhttps://www.parliament.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/Satonen-Deputy-Speaker.aspxArto Satonen elected as Deputy Speaker2016-06-23T07:30:00Z
In meeting with President Poroshenko, Kanerva urges full implementation of Minsk Agreements and welcomes efforts to speed up reformshttps://www.parliament.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/Poroshenko-Kanerva-meeting.aspxIn meeting with President Poroshenko, Kanerva urges full implementation of Minsk Agreements and welcomes efforts to speed up reforms2016-06-16T15:15:00Z
Moment of silence for Orlando victimshttps://www.parliament.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/Moment-of-Silence-to-Orlando-victims.aspxMoment of silence for Orlando victims2016-06-14T11:10:00Z
Speaker expressed her condolenceshttps://www.parliament.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/Condolences-to-Orlando.aspxSpeaker expressed her condolences2016-06-13T12:50:00Z
Library summer opening hours https://www.parliament.fi/EN/tiedotteet/Pages/summer-opening.aspxLibrary summer opening hours 2016-06-01T05:00:00Z


Parliament convenes in temporary facilities

The 1931 Parliament House has closed for extensive renovations. After the April 2015 parliamentary election Parliament of Finland convened in the nearby Sibelius-Academy concert hall, which has been refurbished to fit the needs of parliament. Parliament will return to its own building in time for Centenary celebrations of Finnish Independence in the fall of 2017.


Speaker and deputy speakers

Parliament elects among its members a Speaker and two deputy speakers during the first plenary session each year.


Visitors' Centre

At the Visitors' Centre, operating in the Little Parliament, you will find information about Parliament.

The Library of Parliament

The Library of Parliament is open to the public.


Media work in the Parliament

Guide for visiting journalists.